Sara chats with therapist Niki from GLOW Wrexham and learns how CACI treatments helped her client combat the signs of ageing and gave her skin that healthy glow she wished for. And Niki reveals her top 5 skincare tips…


Janet first came to GLOW a couple of years ago. She’s the most delightful client anyone could wish for – she has the biggest smile and is always open to suggestions on her treatments and skin care.

Janet had spotted signs of ageing in the mirror and realised both her skin and muscle tone needed some professional help. She didn’t want to go down the filler or anti-wrinkle injection route, so booked at GLOW for one of our complimentary skin consultations.


Initial skin consultation at GLOW

Janet felt her skin looked tired and dull, and her jaw muscles had become slack. During our detailed consultation it became clear she has an excellent at home skin care routine, which is brilliant as this means it’s easier to achieve strong results.

I also noticed Janet has Rosacea on her cheeks, so I factored this into her bespoke treatment programme.


CACI non-surgical lift

I recommended we start with a course of CACI treatments. At GLOW we have the very latest CACI Synergy equipment and our CACI experts have years of experience ensuring you achieve the very best results.

CACI delivers tiny electrical impulses in waves via prongs which stimulate the muscles giving the face a non-surgical lift. It’s a very comfortable and relaxing treatment. I suggested Janet start with two CACI treatments a week for the first 3 weeks to work on her muscle tone.

After this initial period, I reduced treatments to once a week for 3 weeks, then to once a fortnight for the next 3 appointments, and finally one treatment every third week for the subsequent 3 appointments. Janet now just has a once a month maintenance CACI treatment.

The number and frequency of treatments varies on age and muscle tone. We discuss this at your initial consultation and agree the best bespoke treatment programme for you to obtain the optimum lift.

Interested to know more about how CACI works, what it treats and the results we can achieve? Sara’s explains all in her blog here.


GLOW’s Collaboration Facial

At GLOW we pride ourselves on offering bespoke treatments tailored exactly to your beauty needs, lifestyle, and budget. To ensure Janet achieved the very best results I recommended we added the amazing results-driven Dermaquest resurfacer alongside some lifting facial massage, which also achieves incredible results, with the added benefit of total bliss and relaxation, to her ongoing monthly maintenance CACI facial.

Known at GLOW as a Collaboration Facial, this 90 minute treatment starts with a deeply exfoliated Dermaquest peel, followed by an amazing facial massage, next your incredible one hour CACI lift, and finishes with a Firming Enzyme treatment to further lift and brighten the skin. As Janet has Rosacea, we did a precautionary patch test first to ensure there would be no reaction.

The look on Janet’s face when I showed her the results of this bespoke facial was wonderful! Her skin was lifted, toned and glowing, and best of all with her personalised at home care plan I knew this would last until her next monthly appointment. Although she often pops in for an express bespoke facial for some relaxation and an added super boost every 2 weeks!


GLOW with a good skin care routine

I mentioned that Janet has an amazing home skin care routine which definitely helps her achieve better long-term results. It can be a little daunting to know where to start and which products to use so here are my top 5 tips to glow at home:

Tip #1: Hydrate

Dermaquest B5 Serum is my GLOWStar product – it’s like a huge glass of water for your skin – hydrating it with Hyaluronic Acid from the inside out. Just apply one pump every morning to help prevent ageing and dehydration.

Tip #2: Exfoliate for glowing skin

Twice a week only. With the right exfoliator. Over exfoliating can dehydrate the skin and damage the delicate hydrolipidic film which protects the skin from free radicals.

If this film is damaged the sebaceous gland can ‘panic’ and produce more oil which is particularly a problem for oily skin. So, avoid harsh exfoliators and those with lots of chemicals.

Tip #3: Protect for a wonderful GLOW

Wear SPF every day of the year. There is a common misconception that we only need to use SPF when the sun is shining during summer months or when lying on the beach. But UVA rays penetrate deeply all year and cause ageing, while UVB rays burn and can also cause skin cancer.

Tip #4: Ring the seasonal changes

Switch skincare products between seasons. In winter, your skin needs protection from harsh fan heaters in your car, central heating at home, cold winds and now masks too. I recommend a rich moisturiser like Decleor Rose Damascena Serum as it strengthens and protects.

During warmer months change to a lighter moisturiser alongside your serum of choice – all Decleor serums offer hydration and they also ‘pull’ your moisturiser 30% deeper into your skin.

Tip #5: Don’t skip cleansing

Every single night, no matter how exhausted you are, please remove your makeup and cleanse your skin. I must add with the wearing of masks that correct and thorough cleansing has become more important than ever!

While you are sleeping skin is in optimum repair mode (there are no free radicals to fight off) so it’s the optimum time to treat it. I use a Decleor night balm which I massage into my skin, which is both relaxing and anti-ageing. Night balms drip feed the skin while you are sleeping giving you the beautiful glow of a full night’s sleep, even if you didn’t manage one.

To book a complimentary in-depth skin consultation with one of our GLOW experts call now and we’ll have you glowing in no time.

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