Our salons

From the moment you step inside our very unique, boutique salons, you will know that you are somewhere special. You will be treated with respect and made to feel welcome. The salons have been expertly designed to provide stylish, luxurious environments within which to escape. Attention to detail is evident at every turn, secretly stimulating the senses and promoting a sense of well-being.

Our uncompromising service and professionalism is evident in the array of national awards, and having been named the ‘UK’s Most Inspiring Salon’, more than once.

However, awards are one thing, but we never lose sight of our aim to deliver an unparalleled service to our clients. Our dedication to our industry, and to our clients, keeps us at the forefront of the professional beauty industry. The national, professional awards are testament to that, as are the testimonies of our clients.

What makes GLOW special?

For over 30 years, Sara and her growing team have been helping clients to look and feel their best. Beautology is a synergy of science and beauty and at the cutting edge of today’s natural beauty treatments. Our professional Beautologists understand the power that science has in today’s beauty treatments and they have the specialist knowledge to harness that potential.

A step above beauty therapy, our professional Beautologists are experts delivering an unparalleled, results driven service. Their artistry is something special and they’re here to make you Glow. In addition, extremely skilled and expertly trained Touch Therapists, provide specialised relaxation techniques with treatments that are suitable for those living with and beyond cancer, or other life changing conditions.

Our promise to you

Simply, we believe that true natural beauty is available to everyone, regardless of age. Our strong reputation and excellent client care means we will deliver on our promise.

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There’s no time like the present. Browse our treatment menu and then book online to embark on a more beautiful version of you. We look forward to being your beauty secret!