Decléor facials

We are a Decléor Platinum Salon, which ensures that you will receive unparalleled service and treatments from highly trained therapists. We are winners of Decléor’s Regional Salon of the Year, every year since 1991. It’s fair to say we are Decléor Experts!

Our wide range of results-driven treatments for the face are renowned worldwide for the stunning results they help achieve. At the heart of every treatment are powerful essential oils imparting heavenly scents to relax the skin, body and mind. Beginning with a unique and relaxing back diagnostic massage, to bespoke exfoliation, exquisite massage and mask follows. Each treatment is tailor-made to help meet your precise needs.

  1. Decléor Aromaplastie £75

    This multi award-winning facial is power-packed with vitamins and anti-oxidants. Our warm and decongesting mask softly cocoons the skin, leaving it deep cleansed, perfectly replenished and glowing with vitality.

  2. Decléor Expert Facials £75

    Whether you want to fight against the signs of ageing, or have problem specific skin – dehydration, sensitivity, oiliness, dryness or dullness – these facials target even the most demanding skin.

  3. Decléor Recharge and GLOW £60

    A 1 hour bespoke Decléor aromatherapy facial personalised just for you.

  4. Vital Eyes £45

    This treatment is not only fatigue fighting, moisture quenching and wrinkle erasing but it also decongests and de-puffs.

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Bolt on from £15

Upgrade any facial to include the Yoga or Pilates facial massage or even a Vital Eyes Treatment. Tell us what you want and let your therapist bespoke.

Carita facials

Luxurious and indulgent skincare treatments to transform your skin. Pioneering in anti-ageing beauty treatments for 60 years. The exclusive combination of Micro-currents, Ultrasound and LED futuristic technologies alongside sublime exfoliation and sensorial massage for dramatical visible results after just 1 treatment. The complexion evens out to appear velvety and luminous. The contours of the face are refined and skin that once lacked elasticity regains firmness and bounce.

CARITA Ultimate Lifting Facial

A powerful massage of the facial muscles, it redefines contours, reshapes the face and lifts the eyes. The active ingredients in the outstanding products infuse and penetrate deeply into the skin to trigger a unique transformation.

A dedicated personalised treatment addressing your target area and the results you want to achieve. Choose from different lengths of treatment.

  1. Carita 90 minutes facial £100

  2. Carita 75 minutes facial £85

  3. Carita 60 minutes facial £70

All Carita facials give an instant result. They can be enjoyed as individual treatments or to dramatically intensify results a course is recommended.

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Bolt on from £15

Massage, peel, extra lifting, eye patches? Challenge your therapist and let her bespoke your perfect Carita.

Dermaquest Treatments

Results-driven innovative products and treatments that address every need. Whether it’s for pigmentation, dehydration, sun damage, acne management or age management, our goal is to achieve skin perfection. A free consultation with a Dermaquest expert will decide a treatment and homecare plan.

  1. Dermaquest Facial £45

    Ideal before any special occasion, this facial is for everyone. It offers an instant, visible lift to the skin, refines the skin’s texture, creating a smoother, softer appearance with increased hydration.

  2. Dermaquest Resurfacers £75

    Proven to transform, revive and rejuvenate your skin.

  3. Dermaquest Chemical Peels £120

    Will penetrate beyond the top layer of skin and into the mid to lower sections of the epidermis where resurfacing treatments cannot reach. This delivers stronger and extended results.

  4. Collaboration Facial, CACI with Dermaquest £130

    Get instant results with this facial. It offers extreme hydration and smoothly textured skin. The power of the Peptide Resurfacer will immediately plump lines and wrinkles, giving a brilliant glow, and a renowned lift given by the CACI Synergy.

CACI Synergy, Non-Surgical Facelift

The CACI Synergy, Non-Surgical Face Lift is an advanced, non-invasive facial, with twenty years medical research behind it. The treatment can deliver visible results without the need for surgery.

The new system combines the CACI Ultra and the CACI Ultimate and introduces new LED microcurrent technology. This stimulates tissue regeneration and helps in the production of collagen. In addition, dermabrasion, ultrasonic peeling and CACI’s unique wrinkle comb (an alternative to dermal fillers) provides even more visible and longer lasting results.

At Glow, our therapists have worked with CACI for over 20 years and have the expertise to personalise your CACI to give you the best possible result.

  1. CACI Synergy, Signature Non-Surgical Facial Toning £60

    Microcurrent impulses combined with LED light therapy lift and tone the facial muscles and the neck area, improve skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, giving a more youthful, fresh appearance and glow.

  2. CACI Synergy, Ultimate Non-Surgical Facial Toning £100

    This facial combines our signature Non-Surgical facial toning with both our Ultra and Ultimate treatments. Ultrasonic peeling and microdermabrasion are used to exfoliate leaving a brighter, smoother complexion. New LED microcurrent technology will then lift and tone the face and neck, followed by CACI’s unique Wrinkle Comb to target fine lines and wrinkles. It is the Ultimate facial!

  3. CACI Synergy Target Treatments £30

    Eyes, lips, jaw, wrinkles, blemishes – tell us your area of concern and we will do the rest.

  4. CACI Synergy Purifying Facial £30

    A great choice for teenage and problem skin. It targets blemishes by combining anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory red and blue LED light therapy, to help heal the skin and trigger tissue repair thereby revealing a brighter, smoother complexion.

  5. CACI Synergy bolt on from £15

    Extra lifting, healing, wrinkle work, just ask.

  6. Collaboration Facial, CACI with Dermaquest £130

    Get instant results with this facial. It offers extreme hydration and smoothly textured skin. The power of the Peptide Resurfacer will immediately plump lines and wrinkles, giving a brilliant glow, and a renowned lift given by the CACI Synergy.

During your consultation, the therapist will advise you on treatments and courses specific to your individual needs.

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Bolt on from £15

Massage, masks, extra lifting, Lightfusion (£15), challenge your therapist and let her bespoke your perfect CACI.


A dose of Lightfusion can help with psoriasis, anti-aging, lines, hydration, pigmentation, and inflammation or just to GLOW.

Lightfusion is a professional, clinically tested, medical grade light emitting diode device. It uses state of the art LEDs that deliver specific wavelengths of light to energise and detox the skin cells, healing unhealthy cells giving the skin new life. It’s a natural, non-invasive, painless treatment that enhances elasticity, promotes collagen activity, fine line reduction, improves hydration, improves uneven skin tone and high colour. No side effects – no pain -no downtime.

During the winter when there is less sunlight, a Lightfusion treatment can be mood-lifting and help you to get a healthy, natural glow.

  1. Lightfusion facial £45

Bolt on from £15

See the light and add Lightfusion to your CACI, Decléor, Crystal Clear, Dermaquest, Carita or a massage.

Ellipse Skin Rejuvenation

Available in GLOW Chester only.

This treatment not only repairs sun damage but also offers the best anti-aging skin treatment around. The treatment removes superficial pigmentation, diffuses redness or facial thread veins. It is a quick and simple treatment that does not interfere with your normal daily routine.

  1. Skin Rejuvenation £75

    On average 3-6 treatments, with 4 week intervals, are needed for best results.

  2. Facial thread vein removal from £40

    On average 2-4 treatments, with 4 week intervals, are needed for the best results.