Cruciani Bracelets !

Cruciani bracelets have now arrived in the UK.

Very exclusive but now available at GLOW!

The much loved fashion accessory worn by celebrities including Beyonce, Rita Ora, Paris Hilton and fashionistas worldwide.

The crochet bracelets are made of macramé lace and are made-in-Italy. Available in a stunning array of styles and colours, each have their own special meaning.

At £9.99, selling out wherever they arrive, Cruciani bracelets are a must have!

Niki Becomes a Beauty Therapist

After working in the Beauty industry since 1998 in various roles, I decided to train in Level 2 Beauty Therapy.  My children are now in High School and, as they are currently less demanding!!!!, I seized the day and booked myself onto a fast track course at The Sylvia Hodge School of Health and Beauty.

Wow! what an amazing course. Within the first two weeks I’ve passed eyelash and brow tinting and eyebrow shaping. I really enjoyed learning these treatments and it’s true the eyebrows frame the face. I had to perform two treatments as my Tutor observed me. Don’t panic I had been practising on my friends at home!

My first client was a lovely lady and she wanted to have an eyelash and brow tint and shape and flare lashes applied to the outer lashes. She was going to a party and wanted a dramatic look for her eyes.  I decided to tint her lashes Blue Black as she likes them to look very dark. Her eyebrows I tinted dark brown as again she likes them dark. She had amazing eyebrows which just needed to be tweaked. I applied a few semi permanent lashes to the outer eyelashes to lengthen them.  Wow, I was amazed with the transformation. Her lashes looked fantastic even before the semi permanent lashes had been applied. My first paying client left Beauty School one very happy lady. I was so happy that; one, my first very nerve wracking treatment was out of the way and two, my client was very happy.

My second client was also so lovely I could have spent all day with her She had an eyelash and brow tint. After consultation, her preference was for very dark lashes and she liked her brows to be not too dark but not to light.  As her hair was fair I didn’t want them to look unnaturally dark. I applied the tint to eyebrows firstly then applied to the eyebrow. As the tint was on the eyelashes I couldn’t ask her to look. I applied brown tint to the brows, wiped off to check colour, then applied another layer to darken slightly. Again my client was very happy with the results and even went so far as to say they were perfect.

It was very hard going back to a learning environment as I’d not taken an exam for years,  but I must say I’m thoroughly enjoying it.  I cant wait to start treating the lovely GLOW clients. Next week I’m learning manicures. I’ve got lots of ideas racing around in my head for colour combinations and finishes.

Niki x


Heather at London Fashion Week!


Today I have had the pleasure of being the “Head of Nails” for

JESSICA at London Fashion Week…

I was leading a team of manicurists at the Eudon Choi Fashion Show.

It has been such a rewarding day not only for myself, and my fabulous manicurists, but for everyone involved I’m sure.

The chosen colour was Jessica’s Naked as a Jailbird… Which is a very elegant pale pink.

I am on my train journey home and my aching feet are a distant memory as I am reliving my experience through all the pictures I have taken.

Here have a peek…..

Heather xxx

Summer and Sunshine!

Well, wasnt that a shock last weekend to have glorious sunshine and 20 degrees! “Yay!”,we all cried, summer has arrived.  After that long dreadful winter the thought of unveiling my pale skin into the world was daunting. Ok, we’re all in the same boat unless you’ve been on a winter holiday. I rushed out to stock up on SPF’s for myself and my family as we all have different skin types. My husband is very dark and he show’s himself to the sun and he’s tanned. So he uses a factor 15. My children and myself use factor 30. We will still develop a light tan but steadily and healthily.  The sun is only our enemy if we abuse it. Sitting around with no protection is very silly.

Anyway, back to my lily white skin. What should a girl do?  I exfoliated using Creme Exfoliant as I do twice a week and grabbed my old faithful friend, Decleor’s Gradual Glow.  It’s the mother of all body moisturisers, containing self tan which builds up over time.  If you’ve used Systeme Corps body moisturiser this is exactly what it smells like because that is what it is, System Corps with Tan. It leaves your skin feeling luxuriously soft. Use in the morning after your shower, or if you prefer at night.  A word of warning, it does not contain any SPF so be sure to apply SPF before leaving the house.

As the weather is now back to dull and grey I wonder if we got carried away with ourselves prepping last week. It will not be in vain, I’m hoping, as I’m sure you all are, that when the sunshine returns it will bring us a glorious summer and I’ll be tanned and ready to enjoy it!

Niki x

Effects – The Touch Collection


Jessica Nails has blown us away this week with two new arrivals in salon. The latest innovation is Effects. Not only new colours but new finishes which dont need a top coat!  Effects are three matt and three glitter polishes to mix and match.


Give Me Goosebumps – Purple Glitter

Excite Me – Matt Mid Purple

Touch It – Dense Gold Glitter

White Hot – Matt White

Chill Down Your Spine – Matt Candy Pink

Ruff and Ready – Pink Glitter

Playing with them was very exciting. With these six polishes the combinations are endless. From matt white with a gold tip and a vertical stripe on one nail, to matt purple nails with each tip finished with purple glitter. Each look is truly luxurious.

I foresee these polishes flying out of salon, retailing at £10.50 each. You dont need a new dress for saturday night to look different, you need a new polish!

Niki x

Black Beauties!

Oh my!  Where do I begin to tell you all how much I love these two beauties.  A duo consisting of one matt black and one glossy black polish, which look sublime. So, so sophisticated.

A french manicure using these two will become a new classic. The matt black nail with the black glossy tip has got to be seen to be believed as to how beautiful it does look. You could have fun with them and create spots and stripes on your nails or just use seperately. Whether they are perfect for summer I’m not so sure but as our summers are unpredictable why cant our choice of nail colour be too!

And if you know a teenager who has a penchant for black this is the perfect gift for her.

Niki x

Getting Married

   This Sunday Afternoon was spent in the Springfields Hotel at a Wedding Fayre. Promoting GLOW to all the lovely brides.

Myself and Carly discussed, with future blushing Brides, treatment recommendations that they may need, ready for their big day.

The treatments ranged from make-up, waxing, facials, body treatments, manicures, pedicures and even Hen Party Pamper Packages.

It was so exciting to be involved in their plans but they where all still unsure which one they where more excited about, the wedding or the Hen party….

We were just jealous that we were not going!

Heather x

Professional Beauties!

Its me again…. guess what I’ve been getting up to this time???

Myself and Lucy have not long arrived home from the Professional Beauty Show, in London, where we treated lovely ladies to Jessica Treatments.

I can’t speak for Lucy, but I am sure she will agree with me when I say that during our time there we met some extremely passionate people within the beauty industry and the whole weekend had an exciting buzz about it!

It was as manic, as ever, but we would not of had it any other way.

Heather x

Back From London Fashion Week
















Well I think the best word to describe the last few days is WOW !!

Even though Leah and I are tired from all the hustle and bustle of backstage London Fashion Week it has been a truly fantastic and exciting few days !

The top colours this year were Creamy Caramel, Stripped Naked, Sunset Boulevard and Raspberry !

I have been so excited to show you all my pictures !

   Can’t wait to see what London fashion week 2014 brings.

Heather x

London Fashion Week

Well, Leah and I are on the train heading for London Fashion Week to perform manicures and pedicures for all the models backstage!!

We are both so excited. It’s like Christmas all over again.

Can’t wait to fill you all in on our experience of a lifetime.

Watch this space!!!!

Heather x