Skin care changes for the season

untitledToday I want to talk about the changes we should be making to our skin care as we enter autumn/Winter. Now is the perfect time to correct summer damage and prepare for winter.

Drier air gives autumn that cool crisp feel to it but what does that mean for our skin? It means we need more moisture! It means we need more protection! Most people have an established routine and we are not talking about scrapping that and starting again we just mean introducing small changes.

Some examples for you



A very popular moisturizer sold at GLOW, Decleor UK’s  Hydra Floral comes in 2 versions a light and a rich, whilst they both have wild pansy, Samphire extract and Neroli essential oil to capture and lock in moisture, the rich also has Rosehip plant oil, Avocado plant oil and Soy. Perfect for giving extra TLC to our skin.



Also Decleor UK’s Prolagene Lift moisturiser comes in 2 versions, normal and dry. So, they both have Hyaluronic acid, Iris and L-Prolene complex to hydrate, work on the skin’s suppleness, elasticity and increase our collagen but the rich also has OLEO15 which is an ingredient 15 times more concentrated than olive oil.



These are amazing products BUT you have to help them work, to give them the best chance possible you have to EXFOLIATE!! Us beauty therapists will go on about this until we are blue in the face! But if you want to waste up to 50% of your mosituriser keep ignoring us!!

Book your free winter skincare consultation now in Wrexham, Chester or Mold and the first 5 in each salon to book in will receive a free GLOW taster facial

 P.S. Before I go I have to tell you about the new product that everyone needs to try! For those that get sore, dry cracked lips or just to keep those lips in tip top condition (just think of all the kissing under the mistletoe you’ve got to come your way!)  Decleor UK’s Intense Nutrition nourishing lip balm, which has just been launched is AMAZING! Its staying in my bag all winter!

lip balm

Written for GLOW, for you, by…


Skin Care enthusiast and British Facial Therapist of the year


Giving a gift with GLOW


Gift vouchers… a simply wonderful gift

If you need a gift for someone you love – and you’d like to treat them to something that little bit special, then why not go for a GLOW voucher.

So versatile and flexible, as your loved one can select what treatment they would like. From manicures, to facials to pure pampering. What better way to say “I love you” or “Thank you”.

_MG_9433Available for any amount and all occasions – birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, St Valentines or Christmas – for ladies and gentleman too.

Vouchers are non-refundable and cannot be redeemed or exchanged for cash. They can be used at any of our 3 salons – Wrexham, Mold or Chester.


For more information, or to purchase a voucher please click here.

Love from Sara, and the GLOW team xx


Decleor Summer sale – now on at GLOW


If you LOVE Decleor (like we do at GLOW), then you will just LOVE this Summer Sale!

Summer Sale… 

Enjoy perfectly cleansed, smooth and radiant skin this Summer and beyond with our fabulous selection of cleansers and moisturisers.


400ml bottles, are now available at GLOW at almost the same price as a 250ml bottle! On Cleansers, toners and moisturisers.

e.g. 400ml bottle £35.00 and 250ml bottle £31.50

Available in our salons or via the telephone – please see our contact details here.

IMG_3180These wonderful offers are only available until 30th July 2015 – or while stocks last, so don’t miss out!

Grab your special offer for yourself or as a gift – now!

Love, GLOW xx


The people that keep GLOW glowing… (Rachel)

the people that keep GLOW glowing

by Sara Shoemark – owner of GLOW

Rachel avoids all lime light, quietly and diligently getting on with her day. Well Rachel, this week the spot light is on you!

Rachel: “Oh god. How nerve wracking…mine’s going to be boring”.

Me: “NEVER Rachel – you’re amazing”

So, how would I describe Rachel? In brief …

– A superb therapist

– Hard working

– 100% Reliable

– A perfectionist

This is what Rachel says…


IMG_8953 IMG_8955

“I decided I wanted to study beauty therapy when I was just 14 years old. (After qualifying Rachel was unsurprisingly awarded student of the year!).

I started at glow in April 2011.

Glow was my first beauty job but I used to work in a shop whilst I was in college. 

I have 3 fave treatments: pedicure, eyelash tint & HD brows! All fabulous value, each of these treatments make a huge difference and their results are so visual and last ages.

My fave treatment to have is a back, neck and shoulder massage. 

My fave product is the Decleor hydra floral mask – so quick and easy, you can instantly see and feel a difference, and you can sleep in it!

My fave song is Hero by Enrique Iglesias.

And for lunch while working I like to have a chicken or ham sandwich and sometimes some crackers!

Rachel IS ONE OF OUR FEW THERAPISTS WHO specialises in IPLi and is attending both Dermaquest and CACI training this month so her clients can enjoy a wider variety of advanced skincare treatments.

And my final word…? Thanks for having me at GLOW! 😀 xxx

Thank you Rachel for being a part of GLOW; Rachel your hard work, dedication, loyalty and proffessionalism is consistently wonderful!

I asked Roisin – pictured below – (Rachel’s Salon Manager at GLOW Chester) to send me a few words on Rachel. Here’s what she had to say…

FullSizeRender“What can I say – Rachel, a remarkable therapist who will give YOU an experience you’ll never forget!!!! A hidden gem found in GLOW’s Chester salon”.



Love from Sara x


GLOW at the BABTAC awards 2015


The BABTAC awards 2015 

by Laura, from GLOW Mold (who was a finalist for Beauty Therapist of the year 2015).


“Wow. What An amazing afternoon!

Fabulous surroundings surrounded by beautiful people!!

Thank you to the GLOWden oldies – Sara, Jenn and Naomi for being with me all the way.

Being a finalist for BABTAC’s Beauty Therapist of the year 2015 has been one of my greatest achievements so far. To be part of such an amazing experience was so incredibly humbling for me…and I loved every second!

GLOW at the 2015 BABTAC awards

I will now spend this next year pushing and striving to be better.

I will gain more experience and knowledge, and most importantly, I will be the best I can be for my clients, my salon, my team and me. And then maybe next year – well, who knows…..!

I want to say thank you BABTAC for this fantastic opportunity and congratulations to this years winner JASMIN HARDIN.”

All my love, Laura xx


Lovely lashes with GLOW: LVL ENHANCE


image: sourced via LVL lashes

LVL is here at GLOW!

The revolutionary natural lash enhancing treatment is the secret to beautiful lashes.

No extensions.

No mascara.

Gentle on the lashes.

Immediate results that last 6-8 weeks.

LVL ENHANCE is the natural way to brighten and lift the entire face and create a stunning wide-eyed, lash look. No wonder it’s one of the industry’s fastest growing lash treatments and loved by celebrity make-up artists the world over.

Unlike a traditional lash perm, LVL straightens the natural lash at the root with an added tint providing instant results. As it works with the natural lash, LVL ENHANCE is ideal for customers who are new to eyelash treatments, or those looking for an everyday lash enhancement with no maintenance.

A patch test is compulsory at least 48 hours before the treatment.


A few do’s and don’ts…

On the day of your appointment:

– do not wear mascara.

– do not have a spray tan (if you have had a spray tan day before, guide colour must be mashed off).

– avoid oily products around the eyes and contact lenses must be removed.

After the treatment:

– do not get lashes wet for 24 hours.

– avoid steam/sauna.

– avoid touching or rubbing the lashes.

Treatment takes 45 minutes and is £45.

For more information, or to book an appointment please click here.

Love Sara, and the GLOW team x


The people that keep GLOW glowing…

the people that keep GLOW glowing

by Sara Shoemark – owner of GLOW

Nothing is ever achieved alone. 2 of GLOW’s greatest treasures – our truly wonderful clients, their loyalty, their support and their loveliness is what is what makes GLOW possible. And our Therapists…our team…our GLOW ‘Girlies’.

Let me begin to introduce these priceless treasures to you. For these are the people that keep GLOW glowing…



May 1994 – I had a special client who spotted how wonderfully busy I was and asked if I needed any help. Naomi is still at my side today; helping me every step of GLOW’s way. Beautiful, glamorous, calm, professional…and always there for me and for GLOW.

I GLOWed with pride when in 2003 Naomi received a nomination for British Beauty Therapist of the year.

And in 2007 Naomi was awarded the Golden GLOW award.

So in order for you to get to know her a little better, I decided to ask Naomi a few questions:

Naomi has achieved too much for me to begin so I asked her what she believed was her own greatest achievement – there was no hesitation:

“2009 – Mold winning their award as the Professional Beauty Awards. Best new UK salon. It meant everything to me after being so close with nominations but not quite winning whilst managing our Chester salon – a special moment”

Your Favourite product?

“(Can I have 2?!) Decleor Prolegene Gel and Dermaquest B5″

Your favourite treatment?  

“Has to be a pedicure. And to do? I have no doubt it’s a Carita facial!”.

Her ambition?

“To carry on learning and developing, if there ever is a 4th GLOW I would love to be part of the whole process after working in all 3 of our salons from their beginnings”.

If you had one Superpower what would it be?

“I want to say flying or time travel – to look cool – but without sounding too American or hippy the ability to Heal would be mine”.

Final thoughts?

“Although I am a Wife and a Mother being a GLOW girl is very important and defining to me now after all this time. I feel, when I put my uniform on and walk into the salon, how I imagine a Norland nanny or a Virgin stewardess must feel – part of something special, part of something unique. I love what I belong to and I love working with the development of the younger girls – sometimes seeing the young Therapist I once was and remembering the excitement I felt when I got a re-booking or a request for me personally! The buzz of making people feel better about themselves never goes away for me. I always want to improve and to carry on looking after my lovely ladies as long as this GLOW girl can!

Naomi x

Naomi has given me 21 years of her life.

I’m grateful every day for having her at my side.

Love from, Sara x


Beautology at GLOW



For over 23 years GLOW have been helping clients to look and feel their best. Today, advances in science and beauty mean that looking your best can be achieved naturally, without medical intervention.

Uncompromising service and professionalism is at the heart of the GLOW experience and our outstanding number of national awards are testimony to that.

Beautology is a synergy of science and beauty and at the cutting edge of today’s ‘natural beauty treatments’. Our Beautologists are true professionals.

Whilst happy to offer the perfect finishing touches, they are equally on hand to deliver results with cutting edge treatments and expert advice on looking your best. Their artistry is something special and they look forward to being your beauty secret.


Established by Sara Shoemark, GLOW’s award-winning salons can be found in Chester, Mold and Wrexham.

Sara’s philosophy is to provide an unparalleled service, believing that high quality products, effective treatments and the provision of an escape from the hustle and bustle of life, promotes an inner beauty that positively glows. All clients are treated with respect and made to feel welcome.

To learn more about GLOW or to make an appointment, please visit our website at

Isn’t it time you GLOWED?

Love Sara, and the GLOW team x



Go Phenom with GLOW


image source: Jessica Nails

GLOW are excited about a new range of nail polish! (Although, we do get a little bit giddy when new things come into our salons!).

Phenom by Jessica Nails is a brand new way to enjoy a longer lasting manicure with a fast-drying formula. It provides a gel-like shine (like gel nails) however without the need for a UV or LED lamp.

With Jessica Phenom nail polish you can quickly create a super glossy manicure with ease.


There are currently 23 Jessica Phenom Vivid Colours and the Finale Shine Top Coat.

We recently invited parenting & lifestyle blogger, Jess, from the blog Mummy of Boy Girl Twins in for a Phenom Manicure and here is what she had to say below:

“I do love manicured nails. I know gels last so well, but I wanted something else that still looked like gel. Phenom was perfect for this. The nails were shiny and everyone commented on how fabulous they looked. My nails lasted well for about 1 week – and then they needed removing, which I did at home myself with ease. The manicure itself took around 1 hour and the staff at GLOW were friendly, helpful and so informative. I can’t wait to select my next shade!”.


IMG_2644 IMG_2643 IMG_2640

You simply chose your basecoat from the Jesscia range, your colour and top it off with the Finale Shine – simple as 1-2-3.

For more information, including prices, or to book a manicure please click here.

Love from Sara, and the GLOW team x


Mindfulness at GLOW

Mindfulness withGLOW

by Sara Shoemark, GLOW owner


OK – At GLOW we have been working on mindfulness.

I believe I must aim to lead by example so I have therefore been working to improve my focus (or in modern terms) remain mindful in the situation I am in at that present time. To be truthful I don’t find it easy, my brain flits and flutters like a butterfly, unwilling to settle anywhere for too long in fear of missing out.

Why do I wish for myself and our GLOW girls to be more mindful?…
Simple. Our clients are our priority and for us to meet and exceed their needs our thoughts must NOT wonder; our minds when we are with them must be focused on their every need.
Then this morning I get a Facebook mention from our lovely GLOW Niki informing me that a recent Mail article is now telling us that Minfulness is bad for us. Surely not!
FullSizeRender 2So I enlist the advice from our very knowledgable and mindful Gl holistic specialist Gina. If you read it, she tells me it’s when mindfulness is taken to an extreme!! As everything in the world is taken these days!! Anything that is good for you these days are also bad in excess! All about balance.
FullSizeRender 3

Thank you Gina – Niki, GLOW  girls lets keep at it, when I read the description of mindfulness below this surely can not be a bad thing:

– Current mindfulness practitioners teach us just to bring our awareness into the present moment, by noticing our breath, thoughts or feelings. 

– The aim is to keep our focus on what we are currently doing and experiencing. 

– There is no shortcut to mindfulness: it takes time, effort, awareness, and perseverance.

So GLOW Girlies lets persevere and work on our mindfulness!


Love Sara, and the GLOW team x