Mindfulness at GLOW

Mindfulness withGLOW

by Sara Shoemark, GLOW owner


OK – At GLOW we have been working on mindfulness.

I believe I must aim to lead by example so I have therefore been working to improve my focus (or in modern terms) remain mindful in the situation I am in at that present time. To be truthful I don’t find it easy, my brain flits and flutters like a butterfly, unwilling to settle anywhere for too long in fear of missing out.

Why do I wish for myself and our GLOW girls to be more mindful?…
Simple. Our clients are our priority and for us to meet and exceed their needs our thoughts must NOT wonder; our minds when we are with them must be focused on their every need.
Then this morning I get a Facebook mention from our lovely GLOW Niki informing me that a recent Mail article is now telling us that Minfulness is bad for us. Surely not!
FullSizeRender 2So I enlist the advice from our very knowledgable and mindful Gl holistic specialist Gina. If you read it, she tells me it’s when mindfulness is taken to an extreme!! As everything in the world is taken these days!! Anything that is good for you these days are also bad in excess! All about balance.
FullSizeRender 3

Thank you Gina – Niki, GLOW  girls lets keep at it, when I read the description of mindfulness below this surely can not be a bad thing:

- Current mindfulness practitioners teach us just to bring our awareness into the present moment, by noticing our breath, thoughts or feelings. 

- The aim is to keep our focus on what we are currently doing and experiencing. 

- There is no shortcut to mindfulness: it takes time, effort, awareness, and perseverance.

So GLOW Girlies lets persevere and work on our mindfulness!


Love Sara, and the GLOW team x

My future will GLOW


by Laura, Beauty Therapist at GLOW Mold salon

“Once apon a time, not so very long ago, I had an interview for the very prestigious GLOW beauty salon.

I was due to meet Sara Shoemark; I was expecting the female version of Sir Alan Sugar, suit, chair and all! Instead, in came a beautiful, bouncy, full-of-life lady to shake my hand. After a few pleasantries and questions were exchanged Sara asked if I had any questions. I asked “How did you start GLOW??…

So after a brief history of Sara and GLOW she then told me about how she started in one beauty room and then went on to have 3 award winning beauty salons. Just watching Sara talk so passionately about doing what she loves was so inspiring.


That was it – the dream was born.

To be able to say I was part of an award winning salon was amazing. To actually be entered for an award myself was unthinkable!!

Fast forward 5 years. I have received and gained the most amazing knowledge and training I ever thought was possible.


Not only that, I have had the opportunity and pleasure of working along side some of the most incredible therapists this industry has ever seen. From x2 facial therapists of the year, to x2 beauty therapists of the year, to x3 manicurists of the year, and not forgetting salon director of the year (to name a few!). These ladies are my inspiration and my idols.

So now I’m on my way to do my trade test for BABTAC for Beauty Therapist of the year 2015, after becoming a finalist.

IMG_6108So this is my blog post to say thankyou to all the GLOW girls…all my idols and my inspirations, but most of all to Sara Shoemark for setting up that little salon and giving girls like me that chance. A chance to experience something like this.

No matter how you start out in life, with hard work good influence and the support of pretty amazing people anything is possible!

Lots of love Laura xx ”

_MG_9453The future will GLOW! x


9 steps to feet that GLOW

9 steps to feet that

YOU need your feet, so remember, your feet need you!

Like our faces, the skin on our feet ages, and with time they need a little more care to keep them looking and feeling good. Without that special but simple attention feet will quickly become dry, flakey, cracked and aged.

So we are here to help! Here are GLOW’s 9 steps to feet that GLOW! :

1. A weekly foot file is a must, but take care, remembering we need a little hard skin, it’s there for a reason – to protect. So use a foot file carefully on hard skin weekly, exfoliate twice weekly and moisturise daily.

2. Fungal infections of the feet and toe nails are common and can be difficult to rid of so aim to avoid.

3. Dry your feet well – between the toes and under the nail.

4. Be cautious with gel polish on toes – moisture can be easily trapped and this can lead to fungal infections. A good paint after a good pedicure will last as long as gels on toes.

5. Apply an oil to cuticles and nails – some even contain anti fungal ingredients (an added plus).

6. Cut toe nails straight across smoothing with a file to avoid ingrown toe nails.

7. For beautiful feet have a pedicure but do not let your therapist do more than beautify feet.

8. Do not home-treat things like corns, it’s not usually successful.

9. For any medical problems see a podiatrist or Doctor.

A pedicure has to be one of my favourite treatments. I can catch up on emails while my feet are filed massaged and painted to perfection. And it’s worth it as unlike when I have my fingernails painted a good pedicure will last up to four weeks!


Love from Sara, and the GLOW team



Fore more information including pedicures please click here for all the treatments and prices.

GLOW express

GLOW express...

We know what it’s like. You’d love a GLOW treatment but you’re short on time.

You want the highest quality of treatment to GLOW’s exacting standards, but maybe are happy to forego a little.

Well, we’ve therefore got our heads together and devised a few special treatments that will get you glowing in no time and save you money too. We know what our clients need and we’re ready to deliver it for you.

We’ve got nails, waxing, massages, lashes, facials and make-up. All for you – on the go.

_MG_8104 _MG_8151 _MG_8283 _MG_8311 _MG_8357 IMG_5379

You can squeeze them in during your lunch hour, before the school run, or in the evenings (as our salons are open late some evenings too).

So, what are you waiting for?…

For more information and treatments from our express range please click here

Love Sara, and the GLOW team x


An amazing charity event


Kelly, Jenny and Clare, three beautiful – (in more ways than one) – ladies from The Reef Spas based in Kent set off on their 830 mile trip last week, starting from Land’s End and finishing in John O’ Groats.

A week of Fantastic Fundraising saw them stopping their ‘Reef-mobile’ along the way to visit local charities where local salons and Spas would join them. This was in order to help some amazing causes and bringing our industry of beauty together in a rather special way.

Charities included Help for Heroes, Blackpool Cats in Care, Plymouth’s Bowel Cancer and the very special Good Shepherd Hospice in Chester where GLOW were humbled and honoured to join in with this amazing journey.

GLOW helped by rewarding the incredible members of staff of these charities with a spot of pampering.

CCx1eCDW4AA3mGe.jpg-large CCx-w56W4AANHNq.jpg-large



…….And now they’ve done it!

Lands end to John O’Groats – what an incredible journey.

The lovely Kelly said:

“We all have had our limits tested. Energy levels have reached their all time lowest and have never felt cold like we have camping! But each charity has made it worthwhile!”

They say thank you to…

Bowel cancer West Plymouth
Jessie May Trust Bristol
Hospice of the Good Shepherd Chester
Blackpool cats in care Blackpool
Keswick mountain rescue Lake District
Sands Glasgow
The Royal Marines 45 Commando (help for heroes) Arbroath
And Highland Homeless trust Inverness

And to the amazing salons/Spas that joined us…

Beauty Time Bristol
GLOW Chester
Armathwaite Hall Lake District
Pure Spa Glasgow
And Sleeping Beauty Inverness
All the girls at The Reef Spa Maidstone & The Reef Hideaway Sevenoaks

And of course everyone that has donated and supported us on this crazy journey!

And we would like to thank YOU Beautiful Reef Girls for taking time out of your busy lives to do something special. And an even bigger thank you for including GLOW. And if you or any of these other fabulous salons ever want to anything like this again – count GLOW in!!!


PS – Thank you to Laura from GLOW, Mold for organising our little bit of this incredible journey.

If you can spare a small donation to one of the just giving pages you can donate to:
Bowel Cancer West https://www.justgiving.com/ReefBBG1
Jessie May Trust Children’s Hospice at Home https://www.justgiving.com/ReefBBG2
Help for Heroes Official https://www.justgiving.com/ReefBBG3
Hospice of the Good Shepherd https://www.justgiving.com/ReefBBG4
Sands, the stillbirth & neonatal death charity https://www.justgiving.com/ReefBBG5
Keswick Mountain Rescue Team in the Lake District https://www.justgiving.com/ReefBBG6
* Highland Homeless Trust in Inverness https://www.justgiving.com/ReefBBG7

In addition, for one day only! GLOW are offering on Friday April 24th – all manicures are only £15!!! ALL money goes to this charity event. Please contact us for bookings.


Love Sara x

Read more about their journey via Twitter here

Coffee, croissants and a GLOW staff girlie catchup at Odd Fellows, Chester


We met, we smiled, we hugged, we laughed, a few sniffed, we ate delicious pastries and took a few photos and everyone listened with great patience to me (Sara) – thank you.

What did we talk about?…

How we can be better – meeting every expectation, exceeding expectations, monitoring expectations, ensuring we treat our clients in the safest, cleanest, happiest, most knowledgable environment possible – as I believe our clients deserve nothing less!

We talked about how we must be consistent – doing our best with every client, every day, whatever the time, how ever we feel.

It is my responsibility that our ‘Glorious GLOW Girls’ have the skills and the knowledge to be the best they can be – so, we talked about the value of training both in and away from the salon and the essential importance that we must never stop learning.

We discussed Social Media, lashes, focus and mindfulness. The list went on until it was time to head back to the salon to do what GLOW girls do best – beauty!

FullSizeRender_3 FullSizeRender_4 FullSizeRender_2 FullSizeRender_1

The dictionary tells me that beauty is…

  • a combination of qualities that please 
  • an excellent example of something
  • something pleasing and beautiful 

This is what you are to me girls!

Thank you!

Love from Sara, at GLOW x


Training at GLOW

Training at GLOW

In order to keep ahead and abreast of changes within the beauty industry we often have training at our 3 salons.

Training is an important part of any Beauty Therapist’s role.

Recently we had some Mii make-up training.

Beauty isn’t about wanting to be someone else. Beauty isn’t fake. Beauty is often simply about having the confidence to be yourself… and Mii is a cosmetics range that allows just that. One that makes you feel beautiful whoever you are, so when you look in the mirror, you can say… “that’s Mii”.

Here’s Steph being trained in Mii make-up.

IMG_5479 IMG_5478 IMG_5475

We are always striving to be the best for our clients! Therefore training our staff is really important!

And, we want to give our clients to most up-to-date information, advice, products and treatments as possible!

All GLOW staff are highly trained and caring individuals, who delight in ensuring that clients receive the maximum benefit from treatments, products and aftercare.

To contact us please click here – we love talking to our clients!

Love from Sara, and the GLOW team xx

CARITA: The non-surgical facelift


Guest post, by Jess from the blog Mummy of Boy Girl Twins

“You know when you look in the mirror, wonder where the years have gone, and notice lines around your eyes and sagging around your cheeks? That’s me at the moment.

I’ve just been feeling a little tired, and my skin looking much older.

I don’t really want to have surgery (I’m too much of a whimp and I don’t have the money!) and I’m a bit scared of trying things like botox and fillers. So a CARITA non-surgical facelift was exactly what I needed!

CARITA have partnered with a Cranial Facial surgeon in Paris to bring a modern futuristic machine – CINETIC™ LIFT. An alternative to cosmetic surgery, it uses the exclusive combination of Micro-currents, Ultrasound and LED technologies, for dramatic, visible results after just one treatment.

The first session was an hour and didn’t hurt at all. I felt a little sensation around my teeth and eyes but nothing uncomfortable. It was actually quite relaxing!

_MG_9751 _MG_9752 _MG_9755

I definitely noticed results after the first session, and an improvement and lift around my eyes and cheeks, which is where they focused on the most.


The beauty therapist recommended one session a week for a course of around 6-8 weeks, depending on personal skin and age.

I am so excited to see the results after a course!”.

Jess is a 36 year old Mum of toddler boy and girl twins, and lives in North Wales with her Husband. Jess writes a parenting & lifestyle blog at www.mummyofboygirltwins.com

mummy of boy girl-9

GLOW offers CARITA & CACI facials at all 3 of our salons – prices start from £45. For more information please click here.

Weddings: making brides GLOW on their wedding day


by Laura, from our GLOW, Mold salon


“Carly and I attended a Wedding Fayre in the Theatre Clwyd, Mold (North Wales) which was set up by a company called Sugar and Spice.


We were greeted by a nice cup of coffee and cake! Perfect! We went there to promote GLOW and our new Bridal and hen & stag packages. The Wedding Fayre was busy, which was fab! We took some of our Lily-flame candles and Anatomical’s with us. A lot of people loved the idea of using the candles as presents for people who have helped them with their wedding.

We had a lot of interest in our Mii make up too. Beauty isn’t about wanting to be someone else. Beauty isn’t fake. Beauty is often simply about having the confidence to be yourself…and Mii is a cosmetics range that allows just that. It is therefore perfect for Brides-to-be.

At the Fayre, we spoke to alot of people regarding makeup packages for Brides, Bridesmaids, Mother of the Bride etc. Which we can cater for all prices and ranges.

_MG_8311 _MG_8300 _MG_9800 _MG_9802

We had alot of interest in our nail treatments and tanning as well. We gave out a lot of our leaflets and price lists and a few cheeky chocolates!

We both really enjoyed ourselves and had smiles on our faces all day met lots of lovely people! Bring on the next event!! :)

by, Laura x

If you are interested in any more information about our GLOW packages for beautiful Brides or groomed Grooms then please do contact us!

Skincare advice – by Niki

skincare advice and tips

Skincare advice – by Beauty Therapist, Niki x

“I read a really interesting article called the 5:2 diet for your face! It was about giving your skin a 2 day break from makeup, as the clogging and chemicals in makeup cause damage to the skin losing brightness and lustre.

I have been very good at home wearing no makeup, (well I cheat – I do wear mascara as I’d look terrible without it!). I have seen the benefits…my skin is clearer and brighter.

If not wearing makeup for 2 days a week is too much to bear, then why not try a BB cream, or tinted moisturiser. Decleor Hydra Floral BB cream is your treatment hydra floral moisturiser which uses wild pansy to capture diffuse and lock in moisture!


It protects against pollution and conveniently comes in three shades – light, medium and dark.

Or you could try Mii Luminous Tinted Moisturiser. Nourishing apple seed helps boost skins defences whilst seaweed smoothes. Both have an SPF of 15.

miiTOP TIP..The most important thing that you can do is have a good cleansing regime.

When you are sleeping your body and skin repairs itself. There are a wide range of products to choose from; selecting your method of cleansing is easy. Do you prefer to wash? Or use cleanser and toner?


You can use Decleor 3in1 Hydra cleansing mousse – this product is very good, I use this, it cleanses and hydrates the skin, no fuss required!

The second contender for easy use cleanser is Decleor Micellar Oil.



I LOVE this product (it’s my go to night time product). You apply a pump of oil onto dry skin apply a small amount of water emulsify and remove. Every trace of makeup will be removed!

Staying with washing Demaquest Peptide Glyco Cleanser is the perfect wash for you if you are concerned with anti-ageing. A small amount of Glycolic acid cleans, exfoliates and helps with radiance. This product is only to be used at night and as with any glycolic treatments or products, sunscreen must be used.




Decleor Cleansing Milk is very easy to use…apply a 5p size amount to the whole face (massaging as you do), and then remove using damp cotton wool, followed by fresh cotton wool with a few drops of Decleor Tonifying Lotion.


There is a full range of cleansers to suit all skin types. Decleor Cleansing Milk can be used on all skin types, but if you are very sensitive Micellar water is so gentle. Fresh purifying gel and matifying lotion will remove make-up – and any oily residue on your skin. Perfection for oilier skin types.

There is even an anti-ageing cleanser and toner – Youth Cleansing Milk and Lotion – these 2 products have oils added to help the skin stay supple.

Try it just for one month (we dare you!) and you will be amazed how much brighter and healthier your skin looks!”

by Niki x


Please note that these products are available from GLOW Beauty and can be purchased through the website here.

Love from Sara, and the GLOW team x